[Project] Investor Selector (NLP) Project

BfE has over 5 years of experience in providing quality finance advisory services to social entrepreneurs around the world. Among many possible services we provide, one of them is to provide a list of recommendation of funding sources that our entrepreneurs can apply to. This has been a very manual process being done by team members across the world, which often results in searching for duplicate data from similar sources.

Investor selector is a smart database proposed by BfE Technology to centralise and automate data collection. We are looking to develop an algorithm that combines common statistical tools and NLP algorithm and predicts ranking of a given list of investors for a given startup, leveraging on both structured and unstructured data. You will be tasked with

  1. Developing a baseline algorithm for benchmarking
  2. Generating simulated data to augment your training set
  3. Iteratively testing different techniques until the algorithm reaches a desirable level of performance
  4. Packaging your code for shipping with our application

If you are more interested in server architecture, you may want to check the sister project for the investor selector. You may also find out more about Technology at BfE here.


  • Ability to be flexible, independent, think on your feet and learn on the job
  • Prior knowledge of statistics and machine learning is requried. Prior experience in real data analysis is highly desirable but not strictly required. A basic level of understanding of Natural Language Processing is expected
  • Familiarty with Python and experience with working with Git are required. Experience with Colab is desirable but not strictly required
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to BfE’s cause
  • Qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for using technology to build a more prosperous and sustainable future
  • Desire to bring diverse perspectives, energy, knowledge and skills to the role


  • Network with a growing global community of diverse, talented and passionate BfE members across the world
  • Avoid the monotony of university life by doing something meaningful and volunteering with your precioius free time
  • Sharpen your skills in machine learning and broaden your project portfolio while knowing that your project will have a direct tangible impact on real-life businesses


You may apply for this opening here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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