[Role] BfE Intranet (React / Django / Database Engineering)

Founded in 2015, BfE has worked with 100+ social enterprise startups to drive bottom-up social innovation and address issues covering economic empowerment, clean energy, gender inequality, access to education and more, spanning across Sub-Subharan Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Middle East & North Africa. As a fully volunteer-run nonprofit operating remotely to serve our startups, we are seeking to build our first intranet to automate our internal operations, improve our data capturing and analytics, and provide a digital ecosystem for our startups to get engaged with our students and professional mentors.

BfE Technology team has put in a considerable amount of work to set up the cloud infrastructure, product planning and UI/UX design for the past few months, and we are now ready for the software development stage.

  • As a student developer, you will be joining a team of students to focus on a specific project contributing to the intranet. You will gain experience working with different tech stacks and teams of students and professionals supporting your work, from areas such as Product Management, UI/UX, Project Management, DevOps, Security, and more.

  • As a more experienced student developer or a professional developer, you may be leading a student project with support from the aforementioned functions in BfE Tech, and will be part of a team with other project leads to ensure smooth collaboration and even steer the direction of the product delivery. As a leader you may also participate in the BfE Tech Leadership Fellows program, offered by BfE Tech. This program has been built to support new leaders and allow them to gain experience in advanced technology and leadership skills, please see link for more information: here

Upon finishing this project, depending on your performance and your personal interest, you may have the opportunity to continue with further projects in BfE Tech or BfE Technical Advisory.

You may also find out more about Technology at BfE here.


  • Ability to be flexible and independent, think on your feet and learn on the job. Strong desire to sharpen your technical skills through the project
  • Prior experience with either React or Django is required
  • Prior experience with Docker is not required, but a demonstration of interest and exposure is a plus
  • You are expected to have min. 2 years’ coding experience, familiarity with Git and experience working on a shared codebase in the context of a corporate or a personal project
  • Enthusiasm and commitment to BfE’s cause
  • Qualities of integrity, credibility, and a passion for using technology to build a more prosperous and sustainable future
  • Desire to bring diverse perspectives, energy, knowledge and skills to the role
  • There are no geographical restrictions as this is a remote role


  • Exposure to new tech stacks and working alongside a diverse range of people
  • Ownership over developing a brand new application, while knowing its immediate tangible impact on our community and the rest of the ecosystem
  • Avoid the monotony of corporate or university life by doing something meaningful and volunteering with your precious free time
  • Join a global community of volunteers with the shared passion in making the world a better place through our professional skills


You may apply for this opening here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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