[Role] DevOps Engineer

DevOps is vital to any growing codebase shared by multiple collaborators that are delivering products live to the users. At BfE, a UK-based global-facing charity providing pro-bono advisory services for social entrepreneurs, we have an active Technology Division that builds software to connect our stakeholders and automate internal workflows to help BfE better deliver its social impact. At the moment, we are looking to enhance our DevOps capacity, which will help our tech volunteers around the world collaborate more smoothly and deploy software tools more efficiently to our end users.

We are seeking to build components that improve upon our preliminary internal development and production workflow for our first large-scale intranet product. There are two ways you can get involved:

  • If you join as one of the two DevOps Managers, you will be in charge of overseeing our development and deployment pipelines with the help of our Software Development Managers, designing our cloud infrastructure with the help of our Cyber Security Manager, and managing projects that boost our DevOps capacity. You will also get the chance to join our inaugural Tech Leaders Fellowship Programme, where you will be paired with senior industry mentors for career consultation and gained the opportunity to take BfE internal learning modules such as data analytics, machine learning, and technical project management.
  • If you join as one of the DevOps team members, you will be reporting directly to our DevOps Managers. You may either be assigned a specific project based on your background and experience for a fixed period or start with understanding and documenting our existing DevOps workflows while experimenting with changes and improvements.

Examples of some upcoming projects include react-django deployment pipeline, CDN configuration and setup of Plausible.io. Subject to suitability of the project and code quality, you may also get the chance to open-source your code in BfE as part of our upcoming open-source initiative.

You may find out more about Technology at BfE here.


  • Enthusiasm and commitment to BfE’s cause
  • Sound programming skills. You are expected to have min. 2 years’ coding experience, familarity with Git and experience working on a shared codebase in the context of a corporate or a personal project
  • Strong interest in DevOps and Cloud Engineering
  • Experience with Bash and prior exposure to Docker are essential. Experience with GitHub Actions is highly desirable
  • This project is primarily open to graduate students and working professionals. Exceptions can be made for extremely outstanding undergraduates. There are no geographical restrictions.


  • An opportunity to join the global team in a large global nonprofit and network with people across different technical and non-technical disciplines who share a joint passion in social entrepreneurship and startups
  • Make a social impact with your professional skills while further developing them in the business context of an nonprofit incubator


You may apply for this opening here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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