[Project] DevOps and Cloud Engineering (multiple projects available)

DevOps is a vital aspect of any growing codebase shared by multiple collaborators that are delivering products live to the users. BfE has a preliminary internal CD/CI workflow to automate product testing and deployment. Depending on your level of experience with DevOps, this project will follow one of the following tracks (in the order of increasing technical difficulty). Please note that the time below is a very rough estimate and can vary a lot depending on your experience level. Our current pipelines are built with Docker, GitHub Actions, Terraform and Azure cloud, although we are planning to deploy applications on AWS soon.

Track Description Hours
1 Understanding and documenting the current workflow in a clean and precise manner for the developers. Research about other standard DevOps practices, evaluate the current workflow and come up with a plan for future improvement 5 hrs/ week for 5 weeks
2 Design sensible Unit Tests for PHP and Javascript (and optionally Python Django / Flask) codes in our existing pipeline automated by GitHub Actions. 5 hrs/ week for 5 weeks
3 Implement a github action lock for test server environment. This primarily involves GitHub Action and GitHub Cli. 4 hrs/ week for 4 weeks
4 Redesign our workflow and deployment to incorporate a Content Delivery Network for more efficient serving of images, taking care of the various needs at development, testing and production and making the process as smooth as possible. You will learn about Terraform (infrastructure-as-code) and Azure in this work. 6 hrs/ week for 8 weeks
5 Redesign our docker networking to enable mobile access through ngrok to localhost. 6 hrs/ week for 3 weeks
6 Set up an automated deployment pipeline of a GPU-enabled server to host our machine-learning driven apps, taking into consideration of how the services will be hosted and accessed by other internal applications. 6 hrs/ week for 8 weeks

If you are into DevOps but are not that keen to work on a fully technical role, check out the opportunity to lead our first open source initiative!

Whichever track you follow, subject to your interest and experience levels as well as our evaluation of your work at the end of the project, you may be presented with the opportunity to join our global leadership team as a Lead DevOps Engineer.

You may also find out more about Technology at BfE here.


  • Enthusiasm and commitment to BfE’s cause
  • Sound programming skills. You are expected to have min. 2 years’ coding experience, familarity with Git and experience working on a shared codebase in the context of a corporate or a personal project
  • Strong interest in DevOps and Cloud Engineering
  • Docker knowledge is highly desirable in track 2 and essential in track 4, 5 and 6
  • This project is primarily open to graduate students and working professionals. Exceptions can be made for extremely outstanding undergraduates. There are no geographical restrictions.


  • An opportunity to join the global team in a large global nonprofit and network with people across different disciplines who share a joint passion in social entrepreneurship and startups
  • Make a social impact with your professional skills while further developing them in the business context of an nonprofit incubator


You may apply for this opening here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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