[Project] OpenBfE: our open source initiative

As a global nonprofit that is pioneering many different technology applications to serve our growing user base, we have benefited immensely from the open-source tech community. It is time for us to contribute back, and we need your help today.

You will be leading and planning the framework for open-sourcing internal codes to the public. This involves understanding our existing coding workflow, thinking about how sensitive components and things suitable for open-sourcing can be separated, and researching on a workflow that will cost minimal time spent for our developers and encourage them to participate.

You will also get assistance from our outreach team to help with branding of the initiative, and leverage on advice and resources from our network of technology professionals or external organisations you connect to on behalf of BfE.

At the end of your project, if you want to stay involved with our cause and subject to satisfactory progress, you will have the opportunity to join our management team as a Global Technology Initiatives Manager.

You may also find out more about Technology at BfE here.


  • Enthusiasm and commitment to BfE’s cause
  • Genuine passion in technology and the open-source culture
  • Strong leadership and communications skills
  • Care about quality and delivery
  • Prior experience in app development is requried. Experience in cloud and DevOps is highly desirable but not required if you are willing to learn on the job
  • Flexible and always keen to stay up-to-date with latest trends in the community


  • An opportunity to play a leadership role in a tech initiative in a global nonprofit while sharpening your technical skills
  • Contribute to the open-source community and add a unique experience to your tech portfolio
  • Constant interactions with a growing global community of diverse, talented and passionate BfE members across the world
  • Making a social impact with your professional skills while further developing them in the business context of an nonprofit incubator


You may apply for this opening here. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

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