[Role] Incubation Programme Manager

Who we are

As a rapidly growing global nonprofit with a large network of social entrepreneurs (100+ served since 2015), BfE serves 15-20 new startups each year through its pro bono 6-8 month Incubation Programme. The Programme components are delivered by student chapters and experienced professionals who volunteer their time to empower early-stage startups to scale their impact and become investor-ready. Startups cover multiple sectors, including health, education, clean energy, agriculture and more.

BfE Global Incubation Team maintains the oversight of BfE’s Incubation Programme across all chapters. Apart from streamlining programming design and supporting incubation projects, the team is also looking into global initiatives that can deepen the capacity of our incubation programme to empower startups (examples including organising demo pitch day etc.). To better leverage external resources on these initiatives, we are now seeking 1-2 candidate(s) deeply passionate about social entrepreneurship to help us source delivery partners and execute partnerships that create value for BfE startups.


  • Expand your network in the social impact and entrepreneurship space by representing BfE in sourcing external partnerships
  • Gain invaluable insights by directly interacting with BfE startups and entrepreneurs and understanding their needs and requirements
  • Opportunity to initiate and design partnership programming that benefits BfE startups
  • Join a close knit community of professionals and students who are united by a common passion for social entrepreneurship


  • Source, establish and execute partnerships that empower BfE’s startups directly through engagements, events and/or provision of tools
  • Liaise with startups to understand their demand and requirements and determine foco areas for sourcing partnerships
  • Set up the operational structure for the internal assessment and selection of partnership opportunities
  • Be the point of contact for any questions or clarifications of BfE startups on the partnership offerings

Experience and requirements

  • Professionals or exceptional students passionate in social entrepreneurship with an alignment with BfE’s vision
  • Strong communication and coordination skills when interacting with stakeholders
  • Ability to think strategically as well as having attention to details
  • Candidates with a strong network in the social entrepreneurship / impact investing space, and/or prior work experience in social entrepreneurship / impact investing are highly preferred

Time commitment required

Candidates should be able to devote 6 hours per week on the role. Time may vary depending on projects. Please note that candidates need to be available for weekend meetings, as BfE Global Team members are mostly professional volunteers working on BfE alongside their weekday jobs.


You may apply for this opening via here. The deadline for this opening is 1 Feb 2022.

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