Contribute from anywhere in the world

[Project] Product UI Design System

Sharpen your digital design skills through developing the UI design system for a global nonprofit

[Project] DevOps and Cloud Engineering (multiple projects available)

Sharpen your DevOps and Cloud Engineering skills in the context of a codebase shared by our global develoeprs while contributing to a good cause

[Project] OpenBfE: our open source initiative

Are you a strong proponent of the open-source culture? Do you want to pioneer an initiative to revolutionise the way we code and contribute to the community at a growing global nonprofit? Practice your development skills while building a profile and contributing to a good cause today!

[Project] Video Animation Project

Are you skilled at creating unique animated videos? We are seeking someone with a superb command of video animation tools to craft a powerful video for our growing social impact audience. Potential to convert to a long-term volunteering position with flexible commitment in our global leadership team.

[Project] Investor Selector (NLP) Project

Put your machine learning and natural language processing knowledge to practical use by building an algorithm to transform how we do finance consulting

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